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Equipping our Community Health partners during COVID-19

The AMA Foundation has long history of partnering with organizations across the country to improve the health of our most vulnerable populations. Currently, the AMAF is working with eleven free-health clinics focused on the prevention and treatment of type-II diabetes and hypertension. In support of their COVID-19 efforts, the AMAF is allowing them to reallocate their respective grants funds so they best serve their patients and communities during this pandemic.

“Thank you for allowing us to reallocate funding,” said Corinne Hanson, Chief Development Officer at La Maestra Community Health Centers in San Diego. “This is very much needed in our health center. We cannot find enough personal protective equipment for our staff.”

Thanks to an in-kind donor, the Foundation also organized the delivery of 10,000 masks to five of these 11 clinics who needed PPE. In addition, the Foundation sent them additional program tools, including COVID-19 related web-based resources provided by the AMA.

Thank you to our corporate and individual donors, who make efforts like these possible! Here’s a sampling of additional thank you notes we have received:

  • “Thank you, thank you so much for your generous donation. We received the masks yesterday, and we are so appreciative…with generous donations like yours, we will be able to maintain needed personal protective equipment (PPE) for our staff.”
  • “A huge thank you to AMAF and the donor – we sincerely appreciate this very generous gift. These masks will go a long way in our clinic during this challenging time.“
  • “Thank you, AMAF. This is like gold to us right now.”
  • “Thank you so much. We truly appreciate the support and additional resources. This network is so invaluable in the current crisis we are all facing together.”

We need you now more than ever to help us bring together physicians and communities to improve our nations’ health!


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