01.23.20 Communities

Alumni Network portal launched

Have you received a scholarship, award, or grant from the AMA Foundation?  If so, you are eligible to be part of the AMA Foundation’s new alumni network portal!

The Alumni Network portal is a place for you and your fellow Foundation alumni to engage and network with one another.  The portal enables alumni to create a profile page, connect with fellow recipients, participate in discussion boards, and more.  This is just the first step towards more fully engaging our inspiring alumni, not only with each other but also with AMA Foundation Staff, Board Members, supporters, and friends!

The portal began as a discussion during a recent alumni event held in Boston, MA. Attendees expressed a desire to stay more connected to one another and the Foundation outside of events. We then discovered that the inagural class of our Leadership Development Institute has formed a Facebook group to stay connected during their year-long program. Seeing a need and desire, the Foundation worked to integrate a new portal into our website, creating a seamless way for alumni to stay connected and informed.

To sign up, click Get Involved in the website header and then Alumni Portal. Once there, you can fill out a few pieces of information and submit your application for acceptance into the Alumni network and portal. Then, once reviewed for eligibility, you can create a profile, and get networking! Again, Foundation alumni are considered individuals who have received a scholarship, Excellence in Medicine Award, Leadership Award, or personal grant from the Foundation.

Questions? Contact AMAF Program Associate Emily Demko (emily.demko@ama-assn.org).


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