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Scholarship FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

General Application Questions

Which scholarship should I apply for?

Certain scholarship categories have requirements based on location (where you live or plan to practice), specialty and areas of interest. Please apply for one scholarship that you feel most aligns with your skills and qualifications.

How do I apply?

You can apply through our application portal by using the following link:

I cannot fit all my research/activities/etc. in the space provided. Can I send supplemental information via email?

No, we do not accept additional documentation. Please prioritize the information that you share to ensure that it fits within the allotted space.

What is organized medicine?

Organized medicine refers to participation/membership in state, specialty and/or national medical associations or societies, such as the American Medical Association (AMA).

I do not have a Step 1 score. What can I submit instead?

If you have not taken the Step 1 test yet, please provide a letter on your school’s letterhead stating that you have not taken the test yet and indicate the expected date that your test will be completed. If you have completed the Step 1 test but do not have a score report, your school can submit a letter on letterhead stating your score. Letters from schools in lieu of the Step 1 score report can be uploaded by the applicant directly.

What should I include in my personal statement?

Your personal statement is an opportunity for you to share your story as a future clinician including what led you to medical school and your career goals. It is important for you to include information pertinent to the scholarship category that you are applying to. Please also note that some scholarship categories have an additional question that addresses specific requirements.

Can I or the person writing my letter of recommendation email you the materials?

No, we do not accept application materials via email, mail or fax. All materials must be uploaded via the application system by the deadline of February 5, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. CST. If you are having trouble uploading materials, please email Allison Wesel (she/her), program coordinator, at

Did you receive my completed application?

When you are ready to submit your application, click “save and finalize” on the last page. The system will automatically take you to any incomplete sections (highlighted in red) that must be completed before the application is submitted. Once you have completed any sections that the system flagged as incomplete, a confirmation screen will be displayed. Please note that you can finalize and get the confirmation screen while having pending requests for the financial aid form, registrar form or a letter of recommendation. If there are requests pending, your application will be listed on your portal account as “pending application materials." If you are unsure what is pending, select “pending status” and the system will generate a list of what is still pending with an option to resend the pending request.

I am interested in pursuing sleep medicine and want to apply for an AMA Foundation Physicians of Tomorrow scholarship in the subcategory. What do I do?

If sleep medicine is part of your career plan and you wish to be considered for this specific scholarship, please apply to the AMA Foundation Physicians of Tomorrow General Scholarship and use the general submission code. On the first page of the application, click “yes” for the sleep medicine subcategory. If you are applying for the general scholarship and are not pursuing sleep medicine, select “no” when prompted, and your application will be considered in the general AMA Foundation Physicians of Tomorrow scholarship pool of applicants.

Recommendation Requests and Registrar/Financial Aid Request Questions

Can I request a letter of recommendation from a faculty member at a medical school that is different from the school that I currently attend?

Yes, we will accept any letter if the recommender holds a faculty position at a medical school.

What should be included in the letters of recommendation?

These letters are an opportunity for recommenders to help paint a picture of who you are as a student and future clinician. In addition to academics, we encourage the letters to include information about your involvement in activities, personal anecdotes and/or any other pertinent information that speaks to your qualifications for a scholarship.

Who should the letter of recommendation be addressed to?

Letters of recommendation can be addressed to the scholarship review committee.

Will there be a form for the financial aid office/registrar to complete and how does that work?

The application system has a field that enables applicants to invite the financial aid officer and registrar to complete a form. The applicant will enter the appropriate email address which will generate a link that will direct the financial aid officer or registrar directly to the required form (no account/login is needed). Once the financial aid officer or registrar has successfully submitted the form, they will see a confirmation screen and an automated email will be sent to the student confirming receipt. The request system is the same for anyone writing letters of recommendation.

A student sent me a recommendation request that should go to someone else. Can I fix this?

The student can withdraw a request and resend to someone else if needed.

General Scholarship Program Questions

Can scholarship funds be used for other medical education costs?

No. The AMA Foundation requires that all scholarship funds be used for medical school tuition costs only with no stipulations on the semester funds are applied toward.

Do I need a submission/reference code to apply for a scholarship?

No, a code is not needed. In previous years, applicants were required to obtain a submission/reference code from their institutions to complete the application. These codes are no longer required for the application.

I am taking a year off for research. Can I still apply this year?

If you are taking a year off for research to pursue an MBA, etc., you are eligible to apply either during your third year of medical school or as you are completing the year off as long as you are re-enrolling in the fall.

How many scholarships are awarded each year?

The number of scholarships awarded changes every year and is based on availability of funds.

How will I be notified if I received a scholarship?

All applicants will receive an email in the summer of 2024 notifying them if they were or were not selected for a scholarship.

Who will be reviewing the scholarship applications?

Applications are scored by volunteer reviewers, including the AMA Foundation Board of Directors and community volunteers. After the applications are scored, final decisions are approved by the Board of Directors.

Who can I contact with questions?

For any question not included here, please email Allison Wesel, program coordinator, at