Leadership Development Institute Mentorship Program

Our Leadership Development Institute (LDI) is dedicated to cultivating a diverse cohort of aspiring physician leaders who are committed to serving the needs of their communities and improving our nation’s health one patient at a time. The institute offers a unique opportunity to gain individualized insight into the skills needed to foster their careers and the future of medicine.

One of the cornerstone activities for participants is a year-long formal mentorship program. Participants are paired with experienced and currently practicing physician leaders to serve as mentors throughout the year. Through monthly meetings and conversations, participants receive personal career consultation and guidance while expanding professional networks as they begin their residency.

2021 mentorship pairings:


LDI Participant Physician Mentor
Dory Askins David Welsh, MD
Ankita Brahmaratou Mark Milstein, MD
Gabriel Colon Albert Ray, MD
Elllen Dowling Joanna Bisgrove, MD
Victoria Humphrey Joshua Cohen, MD
Martin Jurado Diana Ramos, MD
Volha Mazziotto Scott Ferguson, MD
Elisabeth Seamon Brandi Ring, MD
Emily Slominski Frank Dowling, MD
Jon Taylor-Fishwick Lou Edje, MD
Zachary White Alex Ding, MD

Hear from Victoria Humphrey:

Thank you to all of our volunteer physicians who help inspire and foster our medical leaders of tomorrow through the LDI mentorship program. If you are interested in serving as a mentor, click the “get involved” section of our website to learn more and apply today.


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