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Meet the 2019 Excellence in Medicine Award Winners

The AMA Foundation Excellence in Medicine Awards program annually recognizes physicians who exemplify the highest values of
volunteerism, community engagement, leadership, and dedication to the care of underserved populations. In June 2019, six outstanding physicians were invited to Chicago to be honored at an awards ceremony. The award includes the opportunity to select a health-focused non-profit organization to receive a $2,500 grant honorarium. In 2019 the recipients were:

Pedro J. Greer, Jr., MD, FACP, FACG: Pride in the Profession Award. This award honors physicians who aid underserved populations in the United States.

Maurice Lee, MD, MPH, FAAFP: Dr. Debasish Mridha Spirit of Medicine Award. Made possible by Debashish Mridha, MD. This award recognizes the work of U.S. physicians who demonstrate altruism, compassion, integrity, leadership, and personal sacrifice while providing quality health care to the destitute, distressed, or marginalized populations in impoverished communities.

Laura Liberman, MD, FACR: Dr. Edmond and Rima Cabbabe Dedication to the Profession Award. Made possible by Edmond Cabbabe, MD and Rima Cabbabe. This award honors physicians who demonstrate active and productive improvement to the profession of medicine through teaching, research, scientific publishing, leadership, uncompensated services, and philanthropy.

Robert N. Peck, MD: Dr. Nathan Davis International Award in Medicine. This award honors physicians for outstanding international service in the areas of medical practice, medical education, or medical research.

Susan Sordoni, MD: Jack B. McConnell, MD Award for Excellence in Volunteerism. This award honors senior physicians (over 55 years old) who are committed to providing medical care to those without access to health care in the United States.

Richard Allen Williams, MD: Humanitarian Award. This award was created by the AMA Foundation Board of Directors and is selectively awarded to those individuals who have shown a life-long dedication to the service of patients and the advancement of equity in health care.

The 2019 Excellence in Medicine Awards program was made possible, in part, through support provided by the American Psychiatric Association Foundation.


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